About the Conference

In the light of outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, the world is suffering and facing mortality. Several changes have been taking place in the education sector. Educational Institutions across the globe have redefining their teaching and learning mechanisms to meet the unanticipated contingencies and to facilitate active learning environment. Against this background, a One day International Conference is contemplated on Pandemic Pedagogy in Higher Education of COVID -19 on 13th May, 2020 with a view to create awareness to the participants on Significance of Pandemic Pedagogy, Online Teaching - Tools and Adaptation, Integration of Digital Pedagogy in Curriculum, COVID and Digital Pedagogy initiations and Penetration & Integration of Digital Pedagogy in Education.

Education is the need of hour to create awareness and strengthen the psychology of learners in Higher education through the effective digital pedagogical innovations.

This Conference will enable the participants to learn the classroom management strategies through Technology Enabled Teaching; empowered to adapt online assessment strategies in teaching, to understand the Importance of Digital Pedagogy and also learn the Learning Management System (LMS).


  1. To create awareness on COVID-19 Pandemic
  2. To analyse Pandemic Pedagogy
  3. To understand Online Teaching – Tools, Adaptation and applications
  4. To Integrate Digital Pedagogy in Curriculum
  5. To intiate COVID-19 and Digital Pedagogy
  6. To Penetrate & Integrate Digital Pedagogy in Education System
  7. To make the students free from academic anxiety and stress
  8. To prepare students ready about what to do for their studies and examinations